Ingrowing Toe Nails & Nail Surgery

Ingrowing toe nails can be a painful condition whereby the nail penetrates the skin surrounding the nail. The toe can become red, painful, swollen & infected. It is best to have them treated as soon as possible.

We can treat in-growing toe nails conservatively by short, intensive, regular treatments or we can remove a small section of the nail by performing a minor operation under a local anaesthetic and using phenolisation to perform a nail avulsion for long term resolution.

Initial conservative treatment is up to 30 minutes but not all patients will require this time. Any future appointments will be discussed by your Podiatrist on your initial visit.

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Another Happy Patient After Their Nail Surgery Operation

Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic Cancellation Policy

Patients will be charged in full for any appointment missed, cancelled or rescheduled without giving 24 hour notice.