Pictures before and after foot treatment



Verrucae treatment before Verrucae treatment after

Before and After picture of verrucae treated in just 3 treatments



Before treatment of cracked heels After treatment of cracked heels

Before and After treatment of cracked heels and hard skin in just one treatment…


first-treatment-marigold 6 months treatment marigold

After first treatment   –   After six treatments

Marigold Therapy on fungal nail


Before Marigold Therapy

Before Marigold Therapy

After the second marigold treatment After the second marigold treatment

After the second treatment   –   After the third treatment

After the fourth marigold treatment After the fith marigold treatment

After the fourth treatment   –   After the seventh treatment

Marigold Therapy for the treatment of verrucaes


12 toe 2

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heel 1 heel 2

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